Dock At The Bay schedule for The Crew

Note1: All times are PM and Eastern
Note2: All spelling, capitalization, and punctuation are as per Dock At The Bay sheet (For example, I would be inclined to write "Ron's Blacktop," but the sheet from DATB omits the apostrophe.)
Note3: In order to avoid paying the DATB cover charge, you will have to bring identification (such as a driver's license) to present to the folks at the door/gates. They will have us on a list.

teams table
1 FK Dark
6 Net Results
11 Ruby Vixon
2 Lakeview Brew
7 US
12 The Crew
3 Silly Humans
8 The Misfits
13 Servpro
4 Rons Blacktop
14 Swannie House
5 Cana Remodeling
10 Big Tree Beach Bums

The court A matches have a red background

The court B matches have a blue background

The match scheduled for 21-May vs. 11 was forfeited.

The match scheduled for 4-Jun was postponed due to thunderstorm.

date opp time
date opp time
06-18 4 6:00
06-25 7 6:00
07-02 5 7:00
07-09 2 8:00
07-16 13 6:00
07-23 8 8:00
07-30 14 8:00
08-06 3 7:00
08-13 10 7:00

One of our team members recently had an addition to his family. Here's a link to the Riley James Tighe picture index page at Angelfire. One warning: this site has popup and popunder windows with ads to defray their costs.