So, for any and all that are curious, this is what I look like.

(This one got mangled by an "oops" in aborting a transfer...sorry.)

a picture of Joe with glasses would be here

(This is the only part of my pages that isn't particularly Lynx-friendly.)

I only need glasses to see far clearly (like farther away than a meter). Here's a sample of me without the spectacles.

a picture of Joe without glasses would be here

These pictures were taken by a coworker of mine, Mrs. Betsy Barry.   I am sad to report that we no longer work together, for in 1998-Apr, our employer gave her and several other very talented people the heave-ho in what they thought would be a cost-cutting measure.  I believe the company lost much more than just the obligation of her salary, but I'm virtually powerless to do anything about it, then or now.