(Page last updated 28-May-2016 20:35:41 EDT)   The basic content of this page hasn't been updated since March of 2005.  The only thing that's been changed is the removal of SourceForge references and commentary on their brain-damaged new Web design.

The program can be downloaded from this link

Why Moved

With great misfortune to the F/OSS community and great sadness, SourceForge had become utter Web weenies, and put all sorts of dropdown menu code into their pages.  Although it is better than some implementations (most notably to me, the code for WHAM AM), it still is utterly completely useless and unadulterated crap.  Apparently a lot of Web designers, including the poor souls at one point responsible for the HTML at SF, never stopped to think the ***ONLY*** place you will ***EVER*** find menus that will drop down without being clicked is in Web designs.  It's purely and simply an abomination.  The most objectionable part of it is that unsolicited dropdowns of any sort obscure content.  If I just accidentally roll my mouse over them, suddenly, the content underneath them becomes inaccessible.  And for whatever reasons (I'm guessing it's their bad HTML), clicking on a space not occupied by their menu does not make their menu go away.  It's Web insanity.  I was so unbelievably angry with them for absolutely ruining such a great site with their ********STUPID******** antics.


The Tk Web form Buddy is a Tk script that allows one easily to make a series of strings available to the X11 PRIMARY selection, which is useful for filling in Web forms that have common/repetitive data. How many times have you wished to have something to always fill in your name, address, email, etc.? It's not automatic enough to fill these in for you, but you can click on each button to make it the PRIMARY selection so that you can paste these strings into a Web form, with the middle mouse button for example.


Using it is simple. From the command line, give this program the arguments you want for your paste buffers. For example, mine is:

   tkwebbud "Verizon Online" 768 128 &

The "&" makes my shell put this program into the background, much like other X apps are usually run. A button is displayed for every argument; press one and it changes color to indicate it will be returned as the selection when asked. The window's background changes to red when TkWebBud no longer owns the selection.


For those who visit there often, you'll recognize this as text for the "graph" page accessed after running the DSLReports speed test app, asking for ISP, advertised down, and advertised up speeds. That's the whole genesis of this app.

known bugs/limitations

Does nothing with the return selection function arguments. It really should return only partial strings if the offset and size are specified.

It may have code which specifies a fixed geometry. At one time I ran a window manager in which I placed all new windows interactively with the mouse; they weren't placed for me. So before displaying the window, I tell the window manager to put it at +0+0. There should probably be a way to specify geometry.

A .tkwebbudrc or .tkwebbud/rc might be nice, instead of having to specify arguments all the time.

(The following is just due to not knowing enough Tk, I'm sure)

Drag-and-drop might be a little nicer, but I don't know how to do that. The current implementation is better than repetitive typing, but seems worse than D-n-D.

It might be convenient to populate the CUT_BUFFERs too, as GNUEmacs does.

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