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02-May-2015: I now have an index of my BroadbandReports.com articles.

28-Aug-2011: I have now joined Google+. My profile has a few things already, and I already have some comments up there.

07-Jan-2012: Google Plus is also where I first announced the day I actually piloted a Cessna 172 SP Skyhawk. I also have put up a page with some photos of this incredible ride.

Joe Is Now A Homeowner!!

28-Jun-2008 (updated 18-Dec-2008)

I bought the property of long-time homeowners Joyce and David Mount, at 105 Susan Ln. in Cheektowaga, NY.  David passed on in Feb. of 2007, and Joyce no longer wishes to live in a full-sized house, opting instead for an apartment.   The closing date was supposed to have been the autumnal equinox, 22-Sep-2008, but was delayed until Wed., 24-Sep-2008.

As many are aware, my mom still lives where I grew up, at 113 Susan Ln.  I can imagine this is going to be an experience somewhat like on "Everybody Loves Raymond."   Well...maybe.   We'll see.  So far, it has brought us closer together, and not just proximity. It's now so much easier to take less than a minute walk up the street instead of driving 15 or 20 minutes.

Sorry to say, the geocoding for Susan Ln. is not good.   So I've taken a waypoint with a GPS receiver while standing in the driveway:

42.93895 N.
78.76770 W.
213 m elevation above mean sea level

What's even a little more disgusting is that the appraisal documents apparently used Google Maps or something akin to it, with the same mistake.  You would think the appraiser, who had to inspect the place and take photos, would have noticed I don't live anywhere near the curves of my street.  ...sigh...   The references, such as Google Maps, seem to think the addresses start at 1 and go to 200, when in fact they start at 16 and go to 122.

For convenience, here is a link to a page on Open Street Map which will show you the location based on those coordinates instead of by address. Just be forewarned, for full operation of these map pages, you must be using a graphical browser (not Lynx-friendly, sorry) and JavaScript must be allowed.

The plot of land itself is approx. 15.2 m by 64.3 m (was listed on the real estate sites as 50' by 211')

WHAM AM is having troubles with the presentation of their Webcams.   Here is a page  with the links I got from using Firefox's page info functions to see their <embed> on the media tab.
For you Tk fans, come get Tk Web Buddy!! It's a Tk script that makes a list of strings available to the X11 PRIMARY selection (or the Win32 clipboard).

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One of my hobbies is meteorology.
This is link for the weather around Buffalo.
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NOAA NWS Buffalo site

Another of my favorite activities is the sport of volleyball. I play on a team that plays in a B league at a local restaurant and bar, Dock at the Bay, and Erie Community College south campus.

See the homepage of Volleyball World Wide.

You can read the schedule for my team in the local YMCA co-ed league.

You can also read the schedule for my Dock At The Bay team.

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